We’re Masking It Up!

At Kyte Milk we ensure all our farm personnel are using gloves and mask at all times.

All the activities are systematic and take place under proper
guidance, eliminating any possibility of
adulteration or contamination.

Parlour process

Our cows are milked by the most skilled professionals inspired by our traditional authentic roots. Gloves and mask are worn at all times to keep up the safety levels. Collected milk is sent to our pasteurising unit and then to our cold storage insulated tanks, where it’s cooled down to 2 to 4° keeping it in freshest state. After a few hours of cooling this milk is filled in our authentic classical glass bottles maintaining HYGIENE and ZERO CONTAMINATION and delivered straight to your kitchen.

Sanitisation “A must”

At Kyte Milk farm, we maintain high safety and hygiene standards. We have a separate budget for implementing additional sanitation measures as COVID struck and make no compromises on safety and hygiene. Gloves and mask are all time favourite of our farm personnels, they don’t move an inch without it. Every personnel and work stations are thoroughly sanitised on daily bases before entering and beginning work at our farm,
no bargain.
Our farm personnel pass through disinfection chambers, to sanitise throughly before entering the farm.
Masks and gloves are worn at all times, with or without COVID.
All our insulted delivery bags, vehicles, ice cartridges and equipments are sanitised pre & post delivery.
Every delivery personnel sanitise their hands before and after each delivery. They disinfect their clothes, wear their masks and gloves throughout the journey.

Precise control
Flawless errors

At our farm, we closely govern everything, from cow feed to milking to processing, transportation and distribution. We know where every drop of our milk comes from since we have surveillance cameras installed at every corner of our farm and being a proud-full single body owner, we entertain no intermediaries and handoffs. Hence our milk is 100% in our control, packed in tamper-proof classical authentic glass bottles in the most safest environment and delivered to you with a huge smile! You see, we don’t just meet universal regulations, we ace them! 😉

Keep calm cause we show up chilled

We ensure our milk is at all times maintained at an optimum temperature throughout. Say whether it’s cold rooms, refrigerated tanks or insulated delivery bags. Our farm to home cold chain delivery system is systematic and carefully monitored to prevent any multiplication of bacteria and degradation, so that you can enjoy the natural taste of the milk. For extra safety we track our vehicle till it reaches your doorstep making sure no adulteration takes place. So you not only enjoy fresh delicious wholesome milk but also peace of mind.

Is your milk safe to drink?

The practices on which milk industry is based on, is literally deteriorating your milk.

Who knows what’s gone in the milk when you lose sight of the supply chain. Most of the milk which arrives in the market is not handled by one but many intermediaries and hands-off. This calls to lack of traceability and leads to malpractice which is nearly impossible to monitor and control. With uncertain cold chain delivery systems and with so many intermediaries, is the milk you get even fresh? Milk is judged upon two variables that determine the rate the farmers get paid, “Fat and SNF” (solids not fat). As only these two variables are accounted a fine path is paved for unrestrained tampering and adulteration leaving purity and safety in a crucial state. Quite often these people are forced to manage the use of prohibiters and stabilisers to artificially increase the shelf life and thickness of the milk. Yes this process makes them great profits but what about the kid who’s about to sip this milk first thing in the morning? We’re just petrified thinking of it.