A pour so pure!

Family is what comes to our mind when we procure milk. We want nothing but the best for your family. We ensure our milk is 100% natural and wholesome just the way nature intends to be.
No unnis (19) – bees (20) cause there are no two ways about it.

Holy moly!

Is that what others add to milk?

Like we all know how the game of demand and supply works, Milk industry runs on quantity over quality. Since milk is only considered upon the standards of FATS and SNF (solids not fat), farmers often neglect important aspects like safety and purity. This means there are a lot of things going on with your milk that you didn’t enrol for, like addition of water, detergent and hormones injected to increase milk quantity and production or antibiotics added to the cow’s feed.

Legal in the market, not in our farm.

• Milk powder is added to milk to increase the thickness.

• Milk of multiple animals are mixed together.

• Fats from milk are removed to produce other fat-based products.


Did you know?

FDA does not regulate the term “organic”, but other authorities do. In this case the process is regulated but not the product. This makes it impossible to test the milk and measure it’s quality, creating the perfect loophole for adding unwanted substances.

Meet universal regulations?

We ace them!

While others scurry in doubt to meet Indian or European regulations, we have the satisfaction of knowing our work ethics are upto the regulations. For nothing else matters but the health of your family members, we’ve taken earnest oath to ensure not a single drop leaves our farm before meeting the Kyte Milk benchmark. Unlike others our milk is measured not just by the fat content but also by:
• No hormones – No pesticides – No antibiotics
• Your protein content comes from the health values of our cows
• No mixing of milk from multiple animals or ailing cows which means least bacterial count