Cow Parenting

Coddling Of Cows

Delighted cows endow the finest milk

The cows at our farm are our family and we pamper them to the core. They’re pedigreed, nurtured and taken care of 24/7 by healthcare professionals. We provide them with fresh water showers, giant fans, best balanced feed and play their favourite music so they’re in their mood.
They say delighted cows endow the finest milk 😉

Meet our extended family

Our sumptuous cows are showered with love and affection. We go to great lengths to ensure the girls are happy and their needs are taken care of. They’re bosses of their own will and let them take control over when they want to eat, sleep, roam about and even milked. Well, they do have a little tantrum but we never leave our girls behind 😉

By name, is how we call our cows

With the help of RFID tagged collars, we know everything about our cows including their names. This is out of love since this helps us track and maintain detailed health records and their well-being. Any illness and we’re instantly aware and taken care of. A nice and healthy routine is created for our cows and less tantrum to
take care of 😉

Healthful living, is how our cows live

Our main concern is the meal of our cows. We provide them with a well rounded customised balance diet plan recommended by our dietician, rich in protein, energy and fibre. We place their meal at their favourite spot, “the manger” and let them chew on it at their own pace. This way they get to enjoy their meal and digest at their own leisure, uninterrupted. The little ones are provided with special meals! And in case of a bad tummy, a veterinarian is always available 24/7.

Spoilt milk? Nah!
Spoilt cows? Yeahh!!

Our cows rise & shine on a soft-thick bed of rubber and dry hay. As we’ve set our our farm at such a location, surrounded by mountains and an open land, natural cool breeze is enjoyed throughout the year and during severe heat we activate water sprinklers and giant fans to cool our girls off. We’ve also arranged massage rubber pads on the pillars for whenever the girls feel the need of self care 😉

*Choose wisely, sip happily, drink our milk - its our cows word!*