About Us

KYTE MILK is a FSSAI certified and Mumbai based company, committed to high standards of product quality. Our product portfolio includes pasteurised indigenous (desi) A2 Gir cow milk, pure ghee, buttermilk and soon bringing in other delicious products like dahi, lassi, paneer, butter, all made from 100% fresh Gir cow milk.


the founder of the company is reaching out to those who desperately seek high quality and organic A2 milk from our indigenous cow breed. In today’s time to find good quality milk is very difficult as often adulteration is involved. To increase the quantity various illegal practices take place, eg: the most common adding water, detergent, urea, caustic soda, stabilisers, and sugars etc. These adulteration’s are hazardous for our body and can face urgent medical care.

“HEALTH” such a big factor, isn’t it?
But what do we exactly know about being healthy?
Did you know pasteurised milk is HEALTHIER and SAFER than raw milk?

Yes, you’re reading it right. Pasteurised milk is healthier and safer than raw milk.
REASON, there are many but will mention 3 dangerous bacterias in milk :


1) Salmonella
2) Escherichia coli (E.coli)
3) Listeria

which if not CONTROLLED quickly can multiply in huge numbers and contaminate the milk causing various DISEASES and SYMPTOMS like Q fever, chills, muscles aches, nausea, diarrheas & even death.

It is highly recommended to keep away from pregnant women and young children.

Our pasteurised milk is boiled with the help of water steam at 70 degrees which is healthier than milk pasteurised at 110 to 140 Celsius degree which almost destroys all healthy properties in the milk.

By practising this method we ensure the nutritional values are in-tack WITHOUT any preservatives added, as the nature intends it to be.

Come join us on this quest to live a healthy life!